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Plasticine Maker Plasticine Maker features

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Plastic machine manufacturers: plasticine has become the children's favorite toys. The first plasticine was gray and one color, but in the following years the plasticine had a wide range of colors and scents. Including luminous, gold, silver, shampoo, shave and so on

Plasticine Maker Plasticine Maker features

1) dual inverter control, bag length that is set to cut, no need to adjust the empty walk, one step in place, save time and film.

2) text-type man-machine interface, parameter setting convenient and quick.

3) fault self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance.

4) high sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, so that the sealing position more accurate.

5) temperature independent PID control, better for a variety of materials coated.

6) positioning stop function, do not stick knife, no film.

7) Transmission system is simple, more reliable work, more convenient maintenance.

8) All control by the software to facilitate functional adjustments and technology upgrades, never backward.

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