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Plasticine classification and characteristics

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Plasticine plasticine has industrial plasticine and child playing ordinary plasticine points.

Plasticine industrial plasticine

The industrial use of plasticine-like mud, has a wide range of uses.

The characteristics of the plastic mud machine: High color soil non-toxic, environmentally friendly, mainly used for handicrafts, metal, plastic mold, student sculpture, recyclable, long-lived without deterioration.

Plasticine Oil Clay - a new type of plasticine

Plasticine This type of plasticine mainly calcium carbonate as raw material to liquid paraffin as an oily component, formulated with glycerin, for children, children and related personnel to practice the production of ceramic products such as the use.

Plastic machine features:

1, without preservatives, as an oily component is the use of liquid paraffin, non-toxic odorless, safe to use.

2, almost no evaporation at room temperature drying, so long-term stability.

3, easy processing, high temperature use do not stick bamboo knife, do not stick hands.

4, adding a metal soap, etc., both to improve the affinity of inorganic filler and oil components, but also to improve the oil clay viscosity effect.

5, adding liquid paraffin oil composition, can improve the plasticity of oil clay.

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